Girl Power Alliance Merch Affiliates
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get paid?
When you sign up to become a GPA Merch Affiliate, you will need to log into your
account and then click settings to update your payout preference.
We currently have 3 options:
1. PayPal.
2. A debit card.
3 Bank direct deposit.
If you have not set up a method to be paid, you will not receive commissions
During your setup, please fill out a W9 so there is no delay in your payouts.

Q: When do I get paid?
Commissions will be paid once a month, between the 1st and the 5th day of each
You will be paid on any and all commissions from the previous calendar month.

Q: How do I find my links? What are the different links for?
You can find your link by logging in here.
Your referral link is your shopping link. Your network link is what you will share if
someone also wants to be an affiliate and sign up under you.

Q: How do I shop and place my own orders?
You can shop when you login to your Affiliate Account and select “SHOP” Your
referral link is your shopping link. When you place an order with your own referral
link and you will earn 15% back in commission on your own purchases.

Q: Which link do I send someone will allow me to earn my 15% commission?
The referral link is the one you send to someone so they can place an order. The
orders placed using your referral link will allow you to earn 15% commission.

Q: What link do I send if someone wants to sign up as an affiliate?
The network link is the one you’d send if someone wants to sign up as an affiliate.
This allows them to be connected to your network of affiliates. You will earn 4% on
every order placed through the affiliate’s links that you sign up.

Q: Do I get a discount?
When you place your own orders through your own affiliate link (your referral link),
you will receive a 15% commission, which is essentially 15% off your own purchases. If
we pre launch items you will check out in the shop area of your back office and you
will also receive 15% earnings on those items.

Q: When does new merch drop?
We are committed to at least one new merch drop every calendar month. Our
affiliates will receive the information on the new merch drops before they happen via
email campaign.

Q: How much is shipping?
All shipping costs are based on weight and location. We are currently shipping
internationally via the United States Postal Service. We are working toward more cost
effective solutions for our international customers and affiliates.
Any order in the USA over $75 will receive FREE shipping.

Q: When will my order ship?
Order processing is between 2- 3 business days. All orders will be shipped within 3 - 5
business days.

Q: Can I track my order?
You can select the Shiptection option on every order to add both tracking and
insurance on any order.

Q: I didn’t sign up under the right person, can this be fixed?
If you mistakenly signed up using the wrong sign up link, then please email us at
merch@girlpoweralliance.com to request the change to be made.

Q: Someone signed up but I don’t see them under me, what do I do to fix this?
If someone mistakenly signed up using the wrong sign up link, then please have the
affiliate email us at merch@girlpoweralliance to request the change to be made. This
change can only be requested by the affiliate him/herself.

Q: I placed an order before I sign up as an affiliate, can this order be backdated
to count for my commissions/discount?
Orders cannot be backdated. If someone placed an order before they were placed,
they will not receive commissions on that order. Be sure to send the correct links to
your prospective affiliates.

Q: What happens if someone returns an order that was placed with my link?
If an order is returned, the commissions for that order will be deducted from the next
commission payout

Q: Is there any training or support?
Please be sure to join the GPA Merch Affiliate Facebook page for any training and
support you may need.

Q: Where can I get updates on merch drops?
All affiliates will be notified via email before a merch drop.

Q: Can I change my email address?
Yes please merch@girlpoweralliance to request an email change.