About Us

Michelle Schaffer

CEO & Founder of Girl Power Alliance and GPA Merch!

Michelle Schaffer has had an extensive 17+ year career in the network marketing profession.  She has held corporate roles and has built massive sales teams. She is a multi-million dollar earner, generating  almost 100 million in sales She is a biblical leadership expert. Creator of Radiant Leadership Academy 2-time Published Author Podcast Host.As a lifelong entrepreneur and passionate follower of Jesus, Michelle Schaffer never found a place she could be fully authentic...until now!


Jill Taylor


Jill is an experienced professional in the boutique clothing industry for over 6 years and brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Director of Merchandise at Girl Power Alliance.

With a diverse skill set encompassing sourcing, buying, creating, manufacturing, and community-building on Facebook, she is a seasoned Facebook Live selling expert.

Known for her genuine and relatable on-camera presence, Jill fosters a family-like environment that resonates with viewers.

Her mastery of numerous fashion-related skills makes her an invaluable addition to the team, and she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to contribute to something remarkable at Girl Power Alliance.